Friday, June 29, 2018

Traffic Lights

The music played.

(our eyes locked for almost a minute,
no conversations,
yet our emotions are soaring with eagerness
to hug or possibly crash in each other’s arms)

The music stopped.

(our conversation continued,
words that were spontaneous, just anything
that the mind speaks, mundane and personal;
opening-up and the excitement felt with those
experiences ... while you were away.
and now... you’re leaving again)

(lifted from sessions at Mcdo, wee hours June 2018 with Eyespierce)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

How To Enable Audio on Screen Recording for Your iDevice?

This is quite helpful for those who want to put audio or sound during screenrecording session using your iPhone or iPad.

Watch and learn.

- Mac

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

How To Use Dictionary On Your iPhone?

Folks, did you know that there’s a native dictionary app in your iPhone or iDevices?
There is no need to open a separate app like Merriam-Webster or Wordweb; instantly, you can fire app the dictionary on your iDevice using the following tips. Go ahead and watch.

Do you want more videos like this? How was i narrating the how-to-video? I hoped you liked it!

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- Mac

Rain and Empathy

remember the rain? it used to drown our throes of passion so the next room couldnt hear.

now, it’s drowning the pain and trying to wash away the scars you left.

- Mac
(empathizing to a friend who cried, drenching my shoulders with tears)

Monday, June 25, 2018

Pitu - Old Chinese Photo App

(read on to know where to get this Chinese Old Photo Filter App)

You might be wondering by now the name of the app that took photo filters by storm recently in Ph.  Your FB friends are joining the bandwagon; the IG community is flocked with the eye-snatching old Chinese photograph filters.

What's amazing? your friends' normal faces were converted into Chinese pics suddenly became artistic, looked-like they traveled in time to get a photo shoot in China along with the majestic and cool uniforms of that culture.

I saw it initially from a friend in Instagram - she looked awesome!!! but i didn't get to know which app is it that she used. I just shrugged, but when i flipped to Facebook, saw some people changed their profile pics with this handsome & beautiful faces inspired by a Chinese look and an air of the nostalgic era of old photography.

The name of the app is - Pitu. The portrait below is The Writer version. I took a photo of mine real time with my shaved head and it adapted to the preset filters with hair, thankfully, it made me yearn to miss having the thick hair. 

Here's the link for Android and here's for iOS/iPhone devices.
Both were rated almost 5 STARS in Google Play and AppStore. It's damn right cool, i tell you. Maybe it's because we were prepped to the filters of FB and Snapchat - but those were far-fetched wacky and fantasy filters. These Pitu filters were stylish, closer to reality and it gives you this sense of satisfaction of looking good for yourself in those old photographs.

Or maybe it was just me? Capturing the sense of entitlement looking at these default presets from the app, but i guess, it's coming in to pieces, that even you while reading this, would want to try?
Out curiousity -  how would you look in Chinese suits, getting your face lit-up with so much serene prowess that it appears as if you were marked in a Chinese special occasion back in the past.

To quote one of my friends in FB, it does trance you back in time, "nakakatuwa". And i agree with her. It's not the sheer delight of seeing yourself with dog ears or puppy tongue and other animal/fantasy filters out there, but this - the Pitu app would simply give you the simple contentment of seeing your portraits turned into something that is alive, something that is worth remembering, that somehow you can be transported into someone else's culture, even just through a photograph -

which paints a thousand words. More or less.

- Mac

The maker of the app is Tencent Inc. - one of the largest internet companies in China.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Dose of Poetry on IG


Roads and Conversations

last night...
i was sad, i looked up... 

i know 
we are seeing the same stars
we are staring at the same sky
we are enjoying the same gentleness of the wind.

we’re not sharing the same feelings.

as of yet...

- Mac

Saturday, June 23, 2018

You Said

by the way, you said before, you like
watching me asleep.
why so?

“ang calm kase”

my face...? 
or the way i breathe while asleep?


like dead calm?...
or peaceful calm?



~ Mac

Friday, June 22, 2018

For You, AT Soul

No, it’s not a lyrics of a song
neither, a poem from afar
just some random thoughts 

i guess my words came true
what i felt for you

was real.

- Mac