Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to Reface your Facebook Profile?

You might have heard the facebook re-facing. And yes, this is applicable only if you've upgraded to the new FB profile mode. Late last year, dozens and then hundreds and then thousands became addicted to Facebook Re-facing - it was like injecting art to your profile page where the pictures rolled   on the upper right view would emanate a chopped photography from the profile picture to those that were tagged of you.

I spent two days cropping and following the simple but tedious instructions from:

I gave up!!!!

I wasn't good enough in following instructions (prolly) or must have been mystified by the complex computations of pixel width and height stated as given.

It was like solving a puzzle, i got tired and crumpled everything back.

Then again, the old adage... "the battle belongs to the persistent" came rushing into my tired hands flicking the screen of my smartphone (thanks to newser for the tidbit hack on how to reface the profile page of FB)

Courtesy of ,this French artist below started it all...

if you have the magic wand in using Photoshop or other photography editing softwares, then go ahead and try the link above.

But if you're like me who just wanna snap a finger to achieve the desired lay-out, then there's a magical app in facebook how to make this feat right, easy and effortlessly satisfying.

Try checking this: 

It's called Profile maker app

Here's the twist though, you must know how to tag the photos and follow the specific order as stated by the app, it's the same logic and piercing weirdness.

hahaha! call me nuts but try figuring it out. If you visit my page though, you'll see the left side image of my dog, you won't see the whole chopped pieces of the right eye cuz i've disabled tagging in the privacy settings.

I encourage you though to try this facebook app, it's worth it esp if you are not concerned about privacy and tweaking the settings.

--- bmvd

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