Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Pasalamat YETG2021 Photo Op


Flexin' these shots of our year-end Thanksgiving in the Church of Christ, year 2021.

Fountain of Youth

Ngiting In-Love

Choir Friends in EWS

Feeling Tall - shot by Kats

monotone filter - KADIWA friends

The Organist

Visit of The Ministerial Student

parallel shoes and prints

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

IT Folks - The Unrecognized Heroes Of The Pandemic of 2020


'Twas never mentioned, not even a single video of gratitude and appreciation was aired on TV, or on mass media - a mere line of, "Thank You, IT Professionals", was never heard in general public. It was pure silence...

(Neither bitter, nor trying to discount the exposure of greatness in the medical field, but airing some opinion as a way of freedom of expression, to recognize also the people in the IT field) ... 

as they are worth praising too, acknowledging too their tireless efforts to keep everyone "connected", afloat online; that by means of IT service, infrastructure, network, automation, security and the endless possibilities that Information Technology can offer - - us, people in this pandemic phase of the century became: 

  • productive
  • diverted; sanity-kept-in-check for most.
  • social media experts, learnt, abused it, nevertheless, our one of the goto outlets while at home
  • accessible with online transactions - business related or not
  • online sellers, to appease the lost of jobs
  • tiktokers, and entertained the followers and the world
  • influencers, even more generating income, unexpected and those AHA moments
  • cryptoWizards; where the thrill of gaining crypto currencies converted to thousands, millions of dollars or local currencies is simply exhilirating; congrats y'all who became millionaires!
  • OnlyFans instant celebs - need i elaborate further 😝
  • YT creators, streamers and FB LIVE online sellers/entertainers - hats-off to you!
  • Zoom experts, online meetings, online classes became the norm
  • news freedom chooser; as news outlets jumped into the bandwagon of news streaming online
  • Grab-FoodPanda-LalaMove consumers, drivers-riders
  • beneficiaries of Teleconsult, Video Con medical consultation reacheable
  • accessible to Online Religious worships
  • IG and Twitter hi-movers
  • banking more efficient, almost hassle-free
  • work from home ninjas and samaritans 
  • and the list, goes on...
all, because of the IT Professionals working to make it happen, their collective efforts, magic and expertise resulted to how, both infected and not-infected individuals of the virus were able to navigate this pandemic journey, a little bit easier, a little bit lighter, a little bit bearable... where one of the enablers and foundation is due to the dedication of those in the IT Field.

Therefore,  Cheers! to those :
IT Helpdesk Engineers

Systems Admins

Laptop/Desktop Support

Cloud Engineers

Security Officers

Net Admins

Telephony & Telecom Engineer 

Programmers of All Types


Data Scientists

Artificial Intelligence Innovators

Service Desk Representatives

DataComm Engineers

ISP Techs 

et al..

plus, to all the plethora of IT roles unmentioned, its leaders, executives, and chieftains of the Tech Industry, Salute to all of you!!!

~ billymac

#elasticMind and gratitude seeping in, tremendously. 











INC Year-End Thanksgiving 2021


Pasalamat Year-End 2021

What are you thankful for, before the year ends?

Mauna ako... as for me, there are countless moments, milestones, and even heartaches that I am thankful for - all encountered this year.

  • I rushed myself to the ER as of late, and it may be a tip of the iceberg kind of near life-and-death situation; going there is more than enough, because i never expected to have the courage and flight of bodily ableness to bring my own self to the hospital, nevertheless, it was all good - - - that i still possess my life and strength. (the renewed vigor, to write again 😝)

  • Family-wise, i'm grateful that i am still able to put food on the table... helping and nurturing what i consider the most important people in my life; without them - life is boring, and with them, the journey just seemed bearable, as life throws unfortunate events - but who am i to complain? 

  • Things get awry on the "always impending threat" of COVID, true that -  our health is wealth, thankful that we were consistent in guarding ourselves against the disease. Oh yeah, can't help but express my note of appreciation to my friend, and the vaccine-enablers, and to our government (PH) for the well-thought off classification of who goes first - - i feel that it was seamless, most especially on those cities/towns who used the technology, to make the process efficient.

  • Friends, close friends, brethren friends, readers of this website, stranger/s turned to friends encountered during walks and physical fitness, online and offline friends --- ahhh, you gave color and excitement to live daily in the course of this year! Thank you!

  • Church-brothers-and-sisters, fellow MTs, MT super friends - the closely-knit support system - invisible as it may be, yet, felt really deeply with utmost efficacy, is truly remarkable, without you, the struggle would appear like an endless battle, but then, your "light" gave hope; darkness at least faded significantly, and we braved along the demons and 360 degree arrows of victories and failures shot upon us.

  • Professionally, a whole lot of thanks to my boss - one of the bestest (superlative for best, in my own lingo) i've known in this planet; the opportunities, the projects, the trainings, and advices... awesomely placed like puzzles transcending towards completion - still amazes me to this point!

  • Change --- work-wise, saddening but reality is lifer. Kept me grounded, kept me to continue my introspection, kept me to expand the gift of connectedness and ideation! I thank the unknown for the shift, because i look forward to what the future may bring.

  • Duties in INC - without these, i don't know if i survived this year! It's really difficult to convey why the case may seem to be, but think of it this way - these duties are the anchors that i used in order to remain on the path of the direction where i'm headed, it's the compass that tugs my faith, will, and character in-check. 

It's been a renewal of vows, every year before it ends; like a devotion - to recognize, glorify, praise, magnify His power, mercy, and love. The higher Being - i believed in, God.

I'm saying again with conviction - the gift of faith is beyond measure that i can think of in this universe. Some may not be able to relate, and i respect that, and for those who are able to relate - let's rejoice, with our hearts shouting in joy, although it reverberates only in silence, but the sensation of fulfillment is truly astonishing! Thankful to Him from the beginning and beyond.

Happy Year-End Thanksgiving, everyone!

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