Saturday, July 30, 2022

How To Customize Lockscreen in iOS16 with Depth Effect?


iOS16 Public Beta and Developer's Beta as of this writing are on on its beta 2 and beta 4 respectively. Inorder to experience the new lockscreen feature, please re-think before you install iOS16Beta on your device specially if its your daily driver. 

It's defacto, that beta versions would still have bugs and some apps may not be compatible - - sooooo, install at your own risk!

The video below depicts how to customize lockscreen and how to manipulate the depth-effect! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 28, 2022

25 Unwritten Rules A Man Should Follow


1. Open doors for everyone.

- Do it as the need arises, act as if it's your built-in gesture.

2. Always thank people for having you over or having you out.

- Practice gratitude, just as you practice kindness.

3. Speak Less than you take in.

- Listening makes you increase wisdom, and a way to improve observational skills.

4. Argue to learn, not to fight.

5. Be humble in success.

6. Be ready to pay for the meal at all times.

7. Always let ladies go first.

8. When introducing someone, always introduce the eldest first.

- Say it with conviction & politeness.

9. It's OK to be mad, but don't show it.

- A raging bull always creates mess.

10. Don't fall into the trends of society.

11. Realize you can't believe everything you hear.

- Fact-checking is not only applicable in the digital era, it's been the norm from great men of history.

12. Take Leadership seriously.

- Because you are passing legacy through your influence and skills. You want it to improve lives and the the unstable situation, stable and prosperous.

13. Know that others always look up to you. 

- Keep & sustain your positive and gentlemanly traits -- these may be the factors why others (younger or older than you), are keeping you as their "idol"or even a "hero".

14. Don't make something that's not there.

- In short, do not lie. Be a man of integrity.

15. Realize ... everything happens for a purpose.

16. Put away your phone when around your family.

17. Learn how to cook the basics.

18. Prepare for the future work for today.

- Failing to plan is like planning to fail. Do everything with the best at heart.

19. Have proper hygiene.

- Smelling nice is beyond compare. It speaks of cleanliness and organization.

20. Always look the person you're shaking hands with, in the eye.

21. Don't worry too much about others opinions.

22. Don't force things to happen.

- Learn when to stop, learn to let go when things are beyond salvaging.

23. You are a protector. Not a batterer, especially for women.

24. Never get addicted to anything, even porn.

25. Respect yourself.


// The enumerated 25 pointers were lifted from @Visual_Guide and short captioned / described briefly by billymac


Translated in Tagalog / Filipino

1. Pagbuksan ng pinto ang lahat.

2. Palaging mapagpasalamat.

3. Laging magsalita ng kakaunti kaysa higit pa.

4. Makipagtalo para matuto, hindi para lumaban.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Iglesia Ni Cristo On Its 108th Anniversary (5 Interesting Facts About The Church Of Christ)

Fact #1 - The Church of Christ is a church for all peoples.
What does that mean? Researched from the website… The church of Christ is for everyone who will embrace the true faith regardless of race, nationality, cultural background, social standing, economic status, and educational attainment.

Fact #2 - The Church of Christ is not limited in the Philippines, it has been spread-out across the six inhabited continents of the world.
The Iglesia Ni Cristo has an international membership of 149 racial and ethnic backgrounds. Whoaw!!! It maintains nearly 7000 congregrations and missions grouped into more than 178ecclessiastical districts in 161 countries and territories in the world.

Fact #3 - The doctrine: One God, The Father
The Church of Christ believes that the one and only true God is the Father, the creator.
God is a spirit, and therefore, He has no flesh and no bones.
There is no trinity of persons in God. As quoted from the website, quote "Though the Bible speaks of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spiri - never does it refer to all of them as gods nor as three persons in One God; rather, it points to the Father alone, as the True God.
In Psalms chapter 90 verse 2, God is from everlasting to everlasting; with no beginning or end. In First Timothy - Chapter 1, verse 17 - God is immortal; and does not tire nor become weary - - (from Isaiah Chapter 40 verse 28)

Fact #4 - The last Messenger of God prophesied and realized through the late Brother Felix Manalo who became an instrument in the re-establishment of the Church founded by Jesus Christ in the 1st century re-appearing in the Far East - the Philippines in the era of the ends of the earth.
The Iglesia Ni Cristo believes that the task of understanding God's words in the Bible , and teaching them without any alteration, without adding or diminishing, is given exclusively to the messengers of God.
From Romans Chapter 10 Verse 15: And how shall they preach, unless they are sent? As it is written: How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!"
The Church of Christ believes that the late brother Felix Y Manalo is God's messenger in these last days; he was the fulfillment of the Biblical prophecies concerning the messenger from the Far East (revelations chapter 7 verses 2 to 3; who would preach to God's sons and daughters in these last days -- our time (Isaiah Chapter 43 verses 5 to 6, chapter 46 verse 11 and chapter 41 verses 9 to 11).
God reveals the meaning of His words to His Messengers by means of the Holy Spirit (2nd Peter chapter 1 verses 20 to 21, and the proof that the messengers were inspired by the Holy Spirit is that their teachings never contradict one another (1st corinthians chapter 2 verse 13).

Fact #5 The Holy City, The New Jerusalem… The Promised Land
The Iglesia Cristo believes that there is a Holy City being prepared by Christ and promised to His disciples to which He will bring them on His Return (John Chapter 14 verses 2 to 3),
The Holy City is glorious, having the glory of God (revelations Chapter 21, verses 10 to 21. 
This is the future home of the members of the Church of Christ who stay faithful up to the end. Life in the Holy City is perfect - no need for sund and moon and no night (revelations chapter 21 verses 23 to 25 and chapter 22 verse 5), no food and water shortages (revelations chapter 22 verses 1 and 2), no more curse (revelations chapter 22 verse 3), no more hunger, thirst, sorrow, pain, death, and evil. (rev chapter 7, verses 15 to 17, and chapter 21 verse 4)
Only those given by the Father to Christ can enter the New Jerusalem (John chpater 17 verse 12). And those given to Christ are called by God into the fellowship with Christ, and this calling is done by means of the Gospel as preached by God's messengers. 
Those who are called are gathered in one body, which is the church, called, the church of Christ, Iglesia Ni Cristo in Filipino.. Lifted from Romans Chapter 16 verse 16 under Lamsa Translation.

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5 Interesting Facts About INC
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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

3 Things You Need To Do In This Age Of Increasing Internet & Social Media Dependency

1.  Unproductive days quickly become unproductive years if you don't sharpen your focus.

Building your good habits is hard at first, but once you get in to the groove, you get to enjoy the process and appreciate it, even the small successes along the way. Sharpening your focus at this age of increasing dependency of the internet and social media can be a challenge when you are mostly into consuming content for the sake of entertainment (like endless swipe up of Tiktok videos killing time), however, if you sharpen your focus by applying what you learned by creating or building out of it (like starting your own podcast or blog), you'll be craving for more to achieve your goal -- establish a worthy digital footprint meant to help others, and alongside, yourself sharpening those skills.

2.  A walk is never a waste of time, it calms the mind, it gives you ideas, you just feel happier.

Walking is an underrated form of exercise, force yourself to walk at least on a daily basis for 10 to 15 minutes; Hit the indoor walk activity if you can't go outside, but if you have a walkable surroundings like a nearby park or sports park - - go outside and wander around. Solo walking is a form of meditation.

3. The smarter you get, the less you get offended.

Your brain expands and creates more neural network as you increase your knowledge and experiences. This gets you smarter, logical, and will eventually practice - - "mind over emotions". Psychologists and researchers agree that we suffer more in our thought processes and over thinking, but you can overcome this through the constant practice of feeding your mind with wisdom by learning, failing and applying those lessons.

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Saturday, July 16, 2022

PNK Thanksgiving On The 108th INC Anniversary


Sending this note of greetings as time flies so fast - like a wind, unseen but can be felt.

PNK stands for Pagsamba ng Kabataan - a common knowledge if you're a member of the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo). This Saturday, the whole church is celebrating the yearly PNK mid-year Thanksgiving in commemoration of the Church's 108th anniversary of its re-establishment in these last days.

#alwaysThankful at #INC108

Why always thankful? 

Because His grace is unending,

because His love is unwavering,

because His blessings are abounding,

because His support is unequaled,

because His care is truly amazing.

It's an endless, uncountable reasons to reflect and magnify - all the love and care He provided, from the individual members to families, and the whole lot of congregations far and wide which the church has reached since 1914 and up to the present.

I am in awe, about its growth, the expansion is consistent; the parade of successes, its achievements and highlights are like a beacon of bright lights in a dark space... shining, radiating, influencing, touching lives to whoever and whatever it intersects, and even on tangential taps, are truly mesmerizing.

So before I close, from my heart to yours - to the Dads and Moms who have kids inside the church, Happy PNK Thanksgiving - - To Him Be All The Glory!


Monday, July 04, 2022

International Yoga Day 2022


Thought I will not be able to partake on this annual award for Apple Watch on International Yoga Day!

Good thing, I saw my friend Mimi notifying on my AW, she earned this special award. Therefore, i hafta to do it too! (ha ha ha).