Sunday, November 29, 2020

Education Is Freedom


Day two of my journey in reading #TheDailyStoic book, we are looking at purpose here. In everything you do - what and why are you "doing" it?

“No, you picked up this book because you are learning how to live. Because you want to be freer, fear less, and achieve a state of peace. Education—reading and meditating on the wisdom of great minds—is not to be done for its own sake. It has a purpose.”

Excerpt From: Holiday, Ryan. “The Daily Stoic.” Apple Books. 

With the overall emphasis on education - what truly matters when learning is knowledge - self knowledge in particular is - is freedom (quoted from Ryan Holiday)


Education as Holiday reiterated... is the reading and meditating on the wisdom of great minds.


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Control and Choice


As per Ryan Holiday, “most important practice in Stoic philosophy is differentiating between what we can change and what we can’t."

What we have influence over and what we do not.


A flight is delayed because of weather—no amount of yelling at an airline representative will end a storm.


No amount of wishing will make you taller or shorter or born in a different country.


No matter how hard you try, you can’t make someone like you.”


Excerpt From: Holiday, Ryan. “The Daily Stoic.” Apple Books. 

The above, are eye-openers, jaw-dropping realities that one must really really consider as you journey this life. To echo what the legendary Stoic, Epictetus - mentioned...

Lesson: Identify, separate and choose - what you can control and not.


The Daily Stoic

I'm excited. I started reading books again - the extended holidays (Thanksgiving and the Friday after that) gave me the inspiration to go back to where my roots at - learning, and constantly seeking wisdom.

And to inculcate or simply put - provide an imprint to my heart and mind what i am reading, i decided to blog it in pieces (along with FB and Insta post). It's true - the more you recreate what you read - the more it would leave a mark in your memory; the actionable items will also be easily taken into reality.

I am glad to share the book's title -  The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.

Reading the introduction of the book, these were the matters of my decision making why i have to finish and digest this book.
  1. Knowledge ~ self-knowledge in particular is freedom
  2. The emphasis of cultivating resilience, purpose and joy
  3. It's an ideal personal operating system
  4. Applying and learning philosophy at the same time.

Please be with me in this journey - mostly, if not, the main purpose of me blogging this is to share and let the underdogs (hidden gems) of the internet share what truly matters - beneficial for mankind, this precious knowledge that everyone must seek and master.


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Lovefool By Two Colors

Nyahahaha! 'tis sums it all up. The grunge-like sound effects, like it gets real if you put your "spatial sounds" on with your airPods Pro.

The groovey yuey kinda sound - makes you feel like dancing like no one is watching. Had that episode earlier while doing my jogs in public earlier, lotsa onlookers / motorists were turning shoulders - or was it just part of the magic, listening to this.

Welp, since the rendition of The Cardigans back in the hip MTV-days, and back when Romeo & Juliet's soundtrack came into fruition through this LoveFool song, it has always been tagged with a special place in my heart, loving this song.

Now, that it got revived, it's quite a homage to more than a decade of unreleased euphoria it brought back then from The Cardigans- whilst Two Colors seem to create a more seducing effect just by singing out loud or singing it in the head while your headphones ON.



Friday, November 06, 2020

YvanJovi - Too Much Heaven


Ugh! this is a delicious treat to the ears.

The blending... panalo.

The harmony of the voices is such an inexplicable exultation of something wonderful. Feels like you don't want the song to end.

And the way it got recorded - sobrang linis. Noice noice.

follow her Youtube channel here.

Have a great Friday!!! Yowww.