Saturday, March 24, 2012

Buttercup from Hunger Games

Who wouldn't remember Prim's cat? I read the trilogy a week ago, then i came across with this furry feline. And then i fed her with chunks in vegetable oil. And she purred in ecstasy... ;)


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Questions to the Wind

When do you cease to break the fine line?
where, i am all the more willing to share
Is there a "we" or just an "i"
or am i just blinded with illusion?
that i am also in your mind?

To stop now is to end..
but to hope against hope is that i can bear
what i couldn't is for you not to think of me
even in the faintest of your desires
would you let me give the one i long for?
to carry on with my fervor

The wind is listening
to my questions
would it carry through your face?
and whisper in your ears
these murmurs and throes of passion
i could not decipher or i don't want to guess
but to hope,
is not to rest