Thursday, January 14, 2010

morning work out

start the day with a 20-30 minute work out.
here's my morning schedule, a daily routine i have come to live by for almost 2 years now.

i wake up at 6:30am.
- have my prayer before going out of bed
- drink two glasses of water.
- urinate
- do some stretching for 5 minutes
- prepare the matt for push ups
- 3 reps of 20 push ups
- 4 repls of 20 sit ups
- in between those reps, i stand still for 30 sec.
- stationary jog for 10 minutes
- finalize my in home work out by gulping another 2 glasses of water.

that exercise is done within 30 minutes. allotting this first 30 minutes of the my day to an exercise makes me feel alive on the day ahead, me having the clear thinking - like the effect of Lipton tea.

At first it was burdensome, motivation has it, turned out to become a habit, it has made me want more whenever i see results, in my mind and my body. Ever felt like you just can't get enough? That was the feeling i have until now. The activity can vary, you can mix it with the dance music on the background, i myself jives into yahoo music via the YM, selecting the dance category. Instantly, my focus gets aroused even more as i listen to upbeat music while doing the push-ups, stationary jogging and flexing of muscles.

After my morning exercise, i head to the kitchen and do my breakfast. Goto the shower and prepare for work.  Another good thing in being consistent about this has skipped me from the gym's fees, the time spent going to the gym, membership etc... Accomplishing this is not a matter of choice, but the will to love. Think of it and let your imagination be realized.

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Monday, January 04, 2010


... everyone has its share of virtues, these are of course, perceived to be of humane and acceptable norms. yet the big challenge for all is on how to have these virtues sustained, carried on and lived thru it every second that passes by...

like most of us, we have this yearning that may the love or bond we feel toward one's spouse or one's lover be eternal, yet the fact remains that somehow, it's gonna fade.. or shall i say, there would be times that the intensity of that feeling decreases... it's not going to be consistent as you would wish to be as always.
it would be dreadful if the time comes, that falling out of that specific virtue, let's say being patient, has totally vanished in the everyday manners you had. Or falling out of love to someone else you have been deeply committed before, seems to deliver this guilty-felt heartache.

yes it's true! momentum, has its limits, change is the only permanent thing in this world. but let's not forget the virtue of being compassionate.
this has a more intricate effect compared to emphathy (putting one's self into other's shoes).

compassion can deliver several goodness to mankind
- the human nature of being helpful is enhanced
- it removes any degree of misunderstanding between a conflict.
- it gives the feeling of satisfaction upon seeing the result of being compassionate

effortlessly, how can we practice compassion? most of the time, when we get upset, surge of emotional unpleasantness fills in, but Ho!, whenever you get into that situation, control your mind, and listen to your heartbeat. imagine pouring in an ice cold water to your body to put off the gathering unpleasant feeling.

think and act as compassionate as you may seem to wish, it's gonna settle down, and you'll find yourself recounting back that it's worth letting this feeling sink in, deep. At the end of the day or before going to bed as your thoughts wander, you will remember what a great good of wisdom to practice this virtue.

let's take note that let's be even more compassionate to those who are orphaned, widowed, on captives, and the poor. 

Put your heart to listen and apply this virtue.

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