Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Test only

Unrhymed verse of three
Each Line of five seven five
Grant thee wise and free

Monday, November 28, 2011

after Gym Session

... although the feeling is kind of a fleeting moment... the fulfillment is still priceless after heading out from the gym.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Nostalgia

The holidays are approaching.  It's the perfect time to show your endearment to your loved ones, to those whom you care for, family, close friends and to those who are important in your life.

Most of us would think that gift-giving is the best way to show your care. But the clearest possible way to convey your affection and  love is providing them the simple things that can be enjoyed in this life.

Look back in time, when's the last occurrence did you actually write your lovenotes for her?
The last time you invoke your handwritten holiday greetings to your relatives abroad? instead of just typing on their Facebook walls?
The last time you had a catch-up session with your bestfriend over a cup of coffee or tea?
Or perhaps, you get tired of dining-out already, why not bring the whole family in a Sunday worship service together?
Focus more on the thought and the value of quality that can linger intensely to the receiver, whoever it would be.
The material things are all going to pass but how you made them feel, in every moment you are with them will leave a footprint, in their hearts and in their minds.



the sunset was fulfilling
as the two of us spent time;
t'was like we're oblivious
of the world around us
uncaring of the sweeping,
raw emotions
that seemed to envelope us..
creating a beautiful abyss
a heartfelt bond
that no one could explain
but the language of the heart

it may seem futile
it could pose a danger
but i guess
it would worth the try
then again
we still have our sanity
to unstep from the limits
knowing deep inside
that dreamland is never too far
..from reality

-billymac ® poetry

Smoke my cigarette, hush

She was like a broken vase
A mere touch of the careless grace
Lest should I be of service
No more than ever praise

Smoke my cigarette, hush
Offended and you blushed
A monster coming
Crushed before the aiming

Disguised as an evil
But an angel deep within
Colorless as transparent
Reduced into nothingness

Decipher me no more
Games I no longer care
For it was over before it got late
we saw it coming in a speedy rate

Clamped and tightened
Fixated but loose
Don't you see the irony
I care but 'twas before

Show me the ignition
To rekindle the fire
Of this thing called madness
In this frost of speechlessness

PS: fixyahlater

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Mac on the sand

Browsing through images' memory lane on a breezy Saturday afternoon. I super love the weather now. I hope it stays like this. ;)