Thursday, June 03, 2010

of consistency in seeing a dentist

....on the average, no one seems-to-care, in regularly checking up with the tooth doctor. Prolly, those who can afford goes to their family dentist as scheduled, in contrast to those who are in pain -  is inevitable for them to see the dentist. Why? because the pain is unbearable, i believe it's one of the worst feeling  amongst the bodyaches any human could ever experience. (relive the scene from castaway, when Tom Hanks has to extract his own tooth, oh whoa!!!)

Rule of the thumb as per my folks and my gurus in high school, twice a year is a must in getting your teeth and gums checked up.

Two days back, i had my dental prophylaxis, it felt good, i felt better. I owed the habit of getting my mouth checked up twice in a year through one of the dentists i met, back in 2003 in Sampaloc Metro, Manila. She has inspired me to take care of my gums and my teeth, and since then, it's been a necessity of mine to fix and prevent cavities and tooth decays.

My best experience with a tooth doctor is the lady dentist in Mall of Asia (Borough Clinic) - South Wing part of the complex. She has intensified my yearning to really take good care of my mouth. And i just missed the way she did it. So flawless and caring, i didn't feel pain at all. And that was last year... 2009

Going back to the present, i still want to be thankful for the Filipina dentist who attended me two days back, although it's like "parang biten"... lolz!!! I got used to my dentist in Mall of Asia, i can't help but to compare.

My three things that tops my reason in taking care of the teeth and gums:
- prevents bad breath
- confidence in speaking, conversing in tete-a-tete
- confidence in doing a french kiss

Kindness in words creates confidence. 
Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.
 Kindness in giving creates love
 ~ Lao Tzu


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