Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to access your favorite websites in 1-click?

Have you ever wish to just click a Facebook icon on your taskbar and presto! Facebook loads up instantly? Or how about setting-up your frequented websites visible on your taskbar - so that you could always click on 'em in a flash?

You must have heard the rumor that Google is about to kill the address bar in Google Chrome browser, i was in introspect upon reading that news, how would a user then type the url or website address just in case the address bar will be gone?

Thankfully, the chrome browser innovated another useful era of smart bookmarking (i called it bookmarking as for my personal tag), officially the process is called Creation of Application Shortcut.

To illustrate this process, let's take my case as an example. Normally, when i launch my Chrome browser, it fires up three tabs:

Google Reader

Then as my surfing to the net wallows over time, more and more tabs are opened, in which, as soon as i minimize the chrome browser, i couldn't see anymore of those websites that i opened, unless i have to restore the browser back to the main screen.

This application shortcut feature of Chrome, now allows me to pin those favorite sites onto my taskbar, so that they are always visible (just as long as you don't set auto-hide taskbar) to me while juggling thru multiple applications on my screen.

To set-up your favorite sites for the first time,
1. Open up your google chrome browser
2. Goto your favorite website (ie)
3. Click on the Wrench icon > Tools > Create Application Shortcut

4. A pop-up message appears. Customize it to you taste. But make sure to leave a check on "Pin to Taskbar"

5. Ta Da!!!! you should now see your Facebook app icon on your taskbar.

Repeat steps 1 to 5 for all your other favorite websites that you want to pin to your taskbar. If you're addicted to Youtube, then go ahead and create an app shortcut.

Well, other geeks may know this trick already but let me emphasize the points why this is so cool:
1. Accessibility wise, you can always view, open and click instantly your frequented sites without having to open a browser.
2. Neatness plus full screen mode, yep! when you open the app from your taskbar, you're actually getting a full screen mode of the website, sparing the clutter of a browser's address bar, toolbars and other bars of epithet.

3. And lastly, the app icons on the taskbar are beautiful, personally, i love aesthetics, but thinking without bias, the effect is awesome.

PS: i tried this via Google Chrome browser only, i haven't downloaded the latest RC version of Internet Explorer so i couldn't confirm if this feature is also available. With Firefox, i'm sorry but i'm no fan of it.

In the comments below, tell me if you like it or post if you have other suggestions on how to surf the web easily.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Con Se Quence

"But time growing old teaches all things."

the thought of it is like meeting Captain Ahab
the unsureness is like sailing in the vast open sea
to know beyond is like entrusting to Othello
while revenge is as bitter as that of Iago

the love is as true as that of Juliet
and the unfaithfulness is as deep as Delilah
but the story as meaningful as the Alchemist
in the end so inspiring without twist

the journey no matter how long
it will come to end, might be right or wrong
the choice is yours to pick
will your heart's desire be there to speak?

3 must-haves when dealing with customers so they won't intimidate you

Customer service is very subjective. You thought you've given your best, but it wasn't actually enough from the perception of the customer. You thought you've given your best shot for Customer Satisfaction but it wasn't at all appreciated by the customer.

In times like these, you can't help but feel dejected despite your efforts. As if, the big things and small things done were dumped to the recycle bin, if not, the trash. Dealing with this common reaction of emotion is hard, yet, with the right mindset, you could overcome it.

Here are three attitudes to muster when faced with customer service struggles and difficulties:

1. Confidence
It becomes noticeable when you're well-versed with your product. Knowledge-wise and experience-wise, these are the major players to reap the success in executing the ooze and vigor when discussing, presenting, explaining, and most of all, convincing someone to jump into your side of thoughts and ideas regarding your product. May it be a technical issue or simply a merchandise.

2. Composure under Pressure
You will never be spared by customers who are attacking below the belt, trying to push your buttons and all. The pressure increases when things go wrong, not to mention the silent stare of your boss - which means a whole lot of different signals giving a multi-tasking rigor in your mind.
Keeping your composure is the key, never underestimate the power of mindhack by psyching yourself to emerge as the driver, not the passenger.

3. Assertiveness
Without hurting directly the feelings of the customers, and yet you were able to emphasize and "connect" the message to them, with the aftermath of a positive reaction - that is, favorable on your side, then that's what you call being assertive. Getting what you want without letting the other person feel bad about it.

Each of us are customers in our own way. If you're given the task to decide what's best for the customer in a first hand basis, without sacrificing the tenets of the company, put yourself in the customer's shoes. Feel and balance the results, then trust your guts what's best.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


"when you're inspired, focus on execution"

define your angst against mine
let go your whims to die
none will catch to subdue
or contain thy lost for you

decipher my thoughts at flow
with the cares about to go
unmute the echoes of within
unravel the sentiments therein

damn, again this thing
corner begets infinity
twist more for sanity
& hold the breath solidly

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Word (square) - i'm addicted!!!

Among the board games that have sprouted ever since i've unearthed their great power as a time killer, i favor Scrabble over Chess most of the time. My 3rd best is the Games of the General. Late last night, time flies as i was overindulging with this newly discovered internet-app cum web-app from the Chrome Webstore.

Segway, I recently discovered the Google Chrome Webstore (GCW) a month ago but i haven't had the time to create a sole post about it. To put it all in a perspective, the GCW is like the App Store (for those who are well-versed about iPhone stuff) or could be simply analogized as a market place for web applications exclusively for Google Chrome. I've shopped a ton (free apps only) late last week but those were just an aftermath of panicky shopping and i ended up now with the apps like below:

Going back to the Scrabble-thought in the memory lane, i just wanna share to you this great online board game called Word2 (read as Word-Square; heck! i can't find the html code for Superscript). True! the concept is the same as Scrabble, only this time, you are playing in the midst of online populace who are logged in to this networked game of words. Taking turns to play ain't a worry because it all depends on how you flip your tiles to form a word and connect it to the existing lay-out. The biggest twist on this though is, you can only add your word of choice on those tiles of words you've been through (which can be easily spotted as bold tiles - see the image below).

As you can see above, my tiles are the ones in bold letters: "RESTATES", "TIMID", "PLAIN", while the ones that are grayed out "STAND", "DING" were someone else's. So, i can only add my new words to the ones i'm working on.

Sounds ridiculous, but come to think of it, this varied rule is kinda strategic. Your opponent is your own self. This narrows down the tendencies to add words by two things:
1. Your set of tiles (see image below)
2. & Your creativity and ingenuity in forming words

Just like scrabble standard, the number of tiles on set are 7 letters. If you're doomed, like there's no way around to plug even just a vowel or a consonant to those words you've formed on the board, you can always click SWAP TILES, rendering your life by a negative 1. The default life is 2, but you could add up by forming words on the board with the STAR-sign.

Actually, the game is simple, just what i've said, your worst enemy would be yourself. If you ran out of words and keep on clicking SWAP Tiles, think again.

The color coded blocks on the board are like scrabble's Triple word, Double Word and so on. If you played all your 7 tiles at once, you'd hit a jackpot!!!

If you want to expand your vocabulary in the English lang, i can only emphasize enough to try and play this, make sure u don't cheat by going to plunging to look for anagrams of your tiles. (hahaha).

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I officially dropped and networked blogs app for facebook so i can make way for my new feed syndicator -

This is just a test post.

Hello world!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

7 Commonly confused words

Someone once said that whenever you communicate thru writing, you're saying 3 things:
-something about your message
-something about the reader of your message
-& something about yourself

I'm not perfect, but whenever i see words wrongly used out of context, i get this funny feeling deep inside and .. just a tinge of pity to those who have abused or probably misused those uncomplaining units of language that a native speaker can identify.

farther is more suitable to use as a distance word , like "She moved farther away to the north". While further is more like to describe quantity or to express time, like, "He quitted inorder for him to further his studies"

2. ALOT vs A LOT
alot is an uncorrect form; a lot which means "many" is the correct form

breathe is a verb, an action word which signifies the inhale/exhale process while breath is a noun - the air that is inhaled or exhaled. "He breathed his last breath as soon as he had a glimpse of his son"

irregardless is non-standard, it's considered as incorrect on most dictionaries. So use regardless which means, no matter or irrespective

lose means "fail to win" - a verb; while loose can be categorized as
an adjective, as in, "not tight";
as a verb, as in, "turn loose";
as an adverb, as in, "without restraint"

this is quite obvious, Than is used when you are comparing; while Then can be used
as an adverb (most of the time), as in, "first came lightning, then thunder"
as a noun, as in, "we were friends from then on"
as an adjective, as in, "the then president"

7. IT'S vs ITS
Its - the posessive form of it; of or belonging to it, as in, "Turn on the laptop on its power button"
It's - is the contraction of it is, as in, "it's so nice of you to smile like that"

Eloquence is important whenever you are communicating, it's not an innate virtue but a skill that can be improved over time. When you write clearly, you are achieving results and a sense of productivity. Let's say... your emphasis on what you want to convey has an impact - the bottom line is improved!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

GreenPois0n - Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1

It's a matter of choice and discretion if you want to jailbreak your iDevice. As for me, my 3GS got jailbroken within its first week in my hands - that was back in 20' ten.

Rumor has it that Apple isn't releasing an iOS update in the near future, so the current iOS - 4.2.1 has been flying high so far. Then in a spur of a moment, greenpois0n got released for the Mac, i got a tweet from my Twitter friend asking how'd it went on my device, i got toungue-tied, for im no Mac user. To quote Engadget, "it has been a pain of two days"...  the untethered jailbreak for Windows has finally set foot on the doorsteps after two days .

Huge thanks to Dundee for his FB post re greenpois0n for windows. At that instant, i immediately jailbroken my device and jumped thru it. 

The experience was one hell of a relief after my 3 tries of synching/following the uncomlicated steps. Honestly, this is far easier than the last time i've jailbroken my device back in 2010's blackra1n.

Rightee yo! i'm reaping the basics of jailbroken device again. Oh, how i missed the sbsettings.

The five icon dock...

And the winterboard... Hang on, i recently not into customizing my themes lately, despite the glamour and aesthetic the Cydia featured themes offers, i got this nah-ah feeling to install... (i am succumbing to being a minimalist slowly, and yeah! slowly!). So as you can see on the below image, DROID lock and unlock sound is the only one being ticked. I have carried this over from my first jailbreak. It was my old lock/unlock sound. The droid sound is awesome!!! Try it!

Currently, i just got so lucky again for the tip of Dundee re carrier customization - i installed Fake Carrier via BigBoss' repository  under Cydia.

What else? Uhm, MXTube, iFile, ABGrouper and Terminal.. Sofar, those are the updates i've made.

To recap, i could say that i'm not really intuit, i know there's a lot more out there to explore and install, but i'm satiated as of this moment with my Sidebar swoosh and the "billymac" carrier on my device.

Despite all these techno-mod on my device, guess what which have i chosen as default for the Who Are You question:

User: Apps, Tweaks, and Themes
Hacker: Adds Command Line tools
Developer: everything, even scary internal stuff

I've selected: Hacker.

If you wanna dig in further about jailbreaking and unlocking, check the links below

Friday, February 04, 2011

Are you bored with Youtube? - try DemoSlam

Are you addicted to youTube but you still can't get enuff of it? i've got some answers for yah! if you're looking for coolness vis-a-vis  revolutionized videos that features your favorite Google products inspired with entertainment and creativity, then DemoSlam's here for you!

Here's one video which made it to the Hall of Fame:

You know Google Goggles? This vid explains it all what it does!

Here's a screenshot for two girls using Google Translate to order a  Hindi super spicy food. That is, they don't know how to speak Hindi but was able to order from a Hindi Resto with the help of google translate in real time!! (am sorry folks, i can't embed this video, it's blocked on youtube in this country im in -although, there isn't any explicit material into it)

I found this useful for the iPhone as a barcode scanner, what a hack!!!

If you're looking for more, visit the demoslam website 

I want you to notice one thing among the slammers, everyone of 'em is using Apple laptops demoing their slam videos.

Mac rules huh!!! Neat...

Thursday, February 03, 2011

The top 2 reasons why you should use Chrome browser and leave Internet Explorer asap

Whenever i see some of my non-geek friends juggling thru multiple tabs and windows of the Internet Explorer browser, i'd pause and take the time to impart them the danger of still using IE and force 'em to download the Google Chrome Browser while giving 'em the sidelights of its lucrativity and usefulness.

If you're not using Google Chrome browser, and still wallowing with IE or Firefox or Opera (or prolly Safari for the Mac enthusiasts), you're missing a lot of fun and strategic net surfing, not to mention speed and neatness.

Since when did i start using Chrome? I saw this actually when i was still an RS at Dell back in 2008, with my agent Bob fiddling the tabs, i took interest intuit and since then, Google Chrome has been my default browser.

The top 2 reasons why Chrome browser is inseparable to me whenever i surf the web?

1. Speed
- Trust me, you can really feel the difference whenever  Facebook loads up in chrome as compared when being loaded to IE
- The address bar or the Omnibox was designed as a search box. I don't need to type and enter my search keyword in the box anymore. All i gotta do is type the keyword i wanna seach in the address bar, Hit enter; and presto! the search results are up!!!
- the drag and drop feature is way better than any other browser

2. Minimalist Style
- If you're a sucker of simplicity and clutterless browser, then go and download chrome's minimalist theme.
- The default theme is already pleasing to the eyes.
- What makes me love further about this ingenuity of Google is its neatness and ease of use when it comes to settings and options. I can't help but compare to IE's maze of Internet Options; but with Chrome, it's pretty neat and easy to navigate.

So? you might be asking, if the feat - IN Private browsing is available?  Oh Yeah! it's called Incognito mode which i blogged before. When it comes to security, this is way at par to other browsers out there.  Surely, i've never been attacked with pop-ups and malware and spyware.

Till now, i just couldn't resist promoting this beautiful browser, it's so useful and down-to-earth. 
In full effect, i'm thinking a portmanteau of deep obsessiveness and chrome, that'd be Chromniac. Lol