Sunday, February 16, 2014

INC World Wide Walk 2014

The rush of euphoria... 
It shall never be replaced
By the wondrous experience
To be amongst the crowd
Of the climbing, intensifying eagerness

#back in February


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Slowly Now...

Things I learned today, some have been experienced all along but it's sweet to know and to get a rush of reminder from people, especially those persons you've learned to trust.

- I breathe change... Changes I mean
- I feel you
- rotten tomato or tomatoes?
- momentum sustenance and the law of diminishing effect
- scoop (haha)
- multiplicity

Huge thanks to Boss Sarj and Nate for their constant guard in demonstrating operational excellence & compassion.

- macdeuz (lifted from meditation before slumber)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sa Tren Ng Isang Araw

Madilim ang kalangitan habang ang trapiko'y abala sa pagbuga ng usok ng mga sasakyan
Ang barya kong dala'y kulang ng 'sang piso upang ako'y makapag bus pauwi

Ang ngiting sumilay sa 'yong mga labi'y nag silbing alaala sa akin
Upang minsan pa'y aking gunitain kita sa piling ng mga panaginip

(Istranghero sa tren)

Sunday, February 09, 2014


Nostalgia - it's delicate, but potent.

A Greek word that means, a pain from an old wound. A twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone

-macdeuz (lifted from madmen)

Komiksbook: Kaching KaChing

Thanks to Ka Elda for giving this to me. Much appreciated. 

-macdeuz (lifted from gifts)

Friday, February 07, 2014

Tea and Talk

Just posting this to acknowledge Nathan's thoughtfulness - my boss.

I'm a fan of tea. My brand's Lipton, nothing expensive or extraordinary but I so appreciate these:

I remember Jed giving me some white teas of Thwinings from London.. I lost them though in the office, good thing I get to try one.

-macdeuz (lifted from gifts)

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Carry on and be the Light

It was like any ordinary day 
The leaves falling
Bustling traffic
& the sunlight shines brightly
Tanning thy skin

Thy furs bristled with excitement 
Slowly, enduringly 

Transforming into something divine
Thou art barely could walk
Rescue came - willingly
And yet
Thou art a beast

It was like any other mornings
Cup of coffee on one hand
A cellphone on the other
Thy computer screen
staring at thy face
Solemnly, with reverence

Thy head went mint blue
Serenely, satisfactory 

Rotting like the earth
Worm inside thy womb
Bees coming out from thy mouth
As a bittersweet sham

Thou Art a beast...

-macdeuz (lifted from jewels & crowns)

Monday, February 03, 2014

YouTube Capture App

Did you know that the YouTube iOS app cannot upload videos? 

It was a serendipitous moment when I was trying to upload the video of Zhander Cayabyab using my blog. 'Twas at that time that I began to realize that the YouTube app is only for viewing, sharing and liking - nonetheless.

And so I launched Safari for me to do the manual upload (because my laptop is out of reached) as I'm desperate to get my video capture pushed online. While I signed in to my YouTube account via google, it routed me to download CAPTURE.

It's simple, a minimalist app, ready to go with the option of trimming and adding sound clips using your library. Pretty much acceptable and awesome considering its infancy.

Way to go, Google. Get the app from AppStore...  I'm sure you'll love it!

-macdeuz (lifted from my iPhone)

Of Gratitude in Learning: Power Mac Center - Authorized Apple ServiceProvider

Note: thoughts and journalistic views below are solely from the opinions of the author and in no way related to his affiliation of groups, companies or sects he belong to.

Shiela Marie Flores and Juan Alden Diaz are two great minds and personalities interwoven to each other in delivering an awesome training for us via POWER MAC Center's learning and development department.

Just a segway, it never crossed my mind that Power MAC center, a certified retailer company for Apple Products in the Philippines has also caught up in the field of Learning & Development by giving solutions and service for seminars, trainings and certifications. I was only thinking that they are solely on retail business with awhole plethora of POWER MAC Showroom in the different malls of the country - and I was wrong. Indeed they have extended their reach to the different facets of Apple industry where Apple is out of domain in the Phillippines as of this writing.

Going back to Shiela and Alden, their tandem is one inexplicable rush of pure learning and expertise when it comes to OS X Basics, Troubleshooting and getting a person switch from Windows to MAC. The training was enjoyable with the hands-on  experience on macbooks, airs, and the live laboratory in handling and resolving conflicts or issues about MAC, both OS and Hardware.

I take this opportunity to thank them, to express my sincerest gratitude in them showing their expertise as well as passing it thru to my/our minds as learners of the trade. It was proven once again, that as you pass your wisdom passionately, you get to share not only your intelligence but the fibers of passion as well.

Kudos to Sheila and Alden for the well-executed skills in Mavericks Troubleshooting.

Here's the facebook page for POWER MAC Center.

And here are the links to subscribe on Sheila's and Alden's facebook.

-macdeuz (resurrecting from slumber)