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Friday, October 19, 2012


.. resurrected from the archives of 2011

your eyes amazes me
searing so deep in my soul
and your smile so spontaneous
leaves me breathless on the ground
i don't know how to say this
but i guess i couldn't really admit
that you are so mystical
angel that brings bliss in my life
go on and soar above my angel
be always wary on your thoughts
for i know you've a heart so golden
that straighten those unlikely ones

October 15, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011


the sunset was fulfilling
as the two of us spent time;
t'was like we're oblivious
of the world around us
uncaring of the sweeping,
raw emotions
that seemed to envelope us..
creating a beautiful abyss
a heartfelt bond
that no one could explain
but the language of the heart

it may seem futile
it could pose a danger
but i guess
it would worth the try
then again
we still have our sanity
to unstep from the limits
knowing deep inside
that dreamland is never too far
..from reality

-billymac ® poetry

Friday, October 21, 2011


I shoved you away
And you kept coming back

I told you to stop
But you have been persistent

I want you to win
So I rested my case

I thought it was over
But you said, it has just started

I pleaded for mercy
But you just laugh

I tried to explain
And then you shrugged

I tried to lock my gaze
Yet you vowed your head

I tried to kiss you
Then you can't be moved

I tried to say goodbye
You din't believe me

 I tried to negotiate
But you gave no options

I asked forgiveness
You just smiled

I told you I'm dead serious
You:poker faced, then laughed

I asked you out
You said, yes or no?

I told you it was half-meant
But the period hung

I reached out your hand
And then you were gone.

October 19 2011

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Buwan ng Wika - The month of August is celebrated in the Philippines as the language month. It just dawned on me this evening to accentuate this occasion with a month-long poem of posts composed in the Filipino language. I'm quite excited about it because i was inspired by someone i recently knew who has accomplished a visual delicacy when it comes to poetry and photographs.


O tinig mo'y aking pilit na inapuhap
sa salimbayan ng pluta'y di ko malasap
Niyang samyo ng 'Yong kabanguhan
anopa't di ko maramdaman

Bakit tila napawi na ang 'yong mga ngiti?
bagama't wala ka namang panaghili
Totoo bang panaho'y nakapagpapabago?
pagkat di tanggap ng isipan kong ika'y di na totoo

O sa saliw ng lagaslas ng hubad na ilog
ang mukha mo'y di ko na maaninag
sa salimbayan ng muntihang mga alon
ika'y pumanaw at lumisan

Anopa't ako'y nasiphayo
pagkat di kita nahango
ni di ka man lang nagpaalam
kahit isang liham ay wala kang iniwan

Sa salimbayan ng aking damdamin
asan kama'y di parin maamin
ng pusong naiwan ng lihim
na di tugma ang panahon natin


Saturday, July 23, 2011


Kailan ka makauunawa?
sa mga salitang nakalihim sa hiwaga
datapwat ito'y ipinanukala
subalit itinikom mo ang iyong pag-asa
Muli kong ipinamanhik
at ikaw nama'y nagpaunlak
kaya aking muling isinaysay
ang katotohanang
iyong itinatwa
ngunit hindi pala sapat
pagkat ito'y 'di mo matanggap
ang mensaheng isinisiwalat
bagkus, nasaktan ka ng labis
at halos di makaimik
subalit ako'y hindi lumihis
ako'y hindi sumuko
para lamang ika'y matuto
sa mga aral na wari mo'y tanso

Hanggang ngayo'y di kita matinag
sa puso mong kay ilap
kahit ibukas lamang saglit
upang ang liwanag ay sumapit
ngunit di mo man mawari
ika'y laman at sa isipa'y laging sumasagi
mangusap lamang itong puso'y
iyong mapagtantong ito'y walang halong biro
pagkat nais kong ika'y magmana
ng kayamanang di nasisira
nawa'y iyong maunawa
na ang mga di nakikita'y
doon nati'y ilagak ang pag-asa

Lamang, ako ay hamak
sino ako upang iyong paniwalaan
walang kakanyahan o maging kayamanan
o ni kapangyarihan
bagama't ako'y kawalan
ika'y aking isinama
sa aking mga pagpapanata
at nawa'y ika'y matamnan
ng isipang mapanaliksik
na 'di nahuhungkag
sa mga bagay na malinis
kundi'y ika'y maging mapanuri
at maunawa ang ibig kong iparating
na iyong madama ang kasidhian
ng kalooban kong ika'y mapabilang
sa kawan na may basbas
na magmamana
ng buhay na walang hanggan


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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Divide me not!

A man's character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation. 

do not tremble when the strong aims to crush
or weaken thy knees when it attacks
do not lose hope upon the valleys of fear
or faint upon the scythes of wrath

be compassionate to those of less
and be patient to those of rue
forget their wisdom clue
and bury their rudeness without due

do not symphatize...
it's better to emphatize
be a an ear to listen
of worries that needeth spoken

heed those who are weary
to orphans you must show mercy
wipe away the tears of grief
& strengthen the world, void of peace

care to smile to strangers
you might not know how they feel
you might have lifted some of their sorrows
in their delight of grin despite in a burrow

fear no more
where the end is near
at long last you will see
the promise of eternity

January is almost over, yeeha!!! thoughts of endless hope keeps running through my head, i can't help but stand still. The journey must go on. ;)

--- bmvd

Friday, January 21, 2011

Brushes of experience

All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers. 

twisting ecstacy
regalia of boon
waking the dormant
ice-clothed pawn

simmering hotness
allowing to erupt
disconnected thoughts
in a gentle abrupt

brewing aroma
of delicacies on fire
craving for nothing
in the barbless wire

restless libido
containing thy mind
closing innuendo
in a refined halo

jekyll and hyde
who shall appear
in falseness of truth
or the glory of wrath

epitaph carved
the smile of an inkling
relieved to the deathbed
in rising from within

Oracle bequeathed
nowhere to run
where? for refuge
in solitary? or Rune?

clasping hands
sweat unbound
dripping, flowing
down and round

sparks and shocks
numbing nerves
of cracking rapture
to doom awaits.

when things aren't just the way going you want 'em to, it seems that it ends up more complication. better go with the flow, forget to counter, just see through it.