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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Triumphs Over and Over Again

descant - the ears dread for it to stop
like the the syncing of the intertwines
where it craves to go on, a little bit more
encompassing bliss, as if it can be forever

anticipation - the mind wished to halt it
as the bearer of light, it somehow tires
melting like a candle, flickering
then it goes black, as if darkness is for real

poetry - it tickles, it's arresting
a smile imprinted, upon deciphering
the meaning of the written piece
mystery undone, as if thy can relate

grace - developed upon the conception
of sin
a neverwhere, a pointless origin
the harbinger of hope
no matter what, as if the end is near.

-billymac (contact me if you got this right)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Eleventh of May, 2014

Tapestries, unadorned, suddenly
Of the unsaid, things
the mind can't measure...

When the sails come to halt,
leaving breathless gasps
from the gales of the unknown ...
only two hearts can imagine.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Magic Thoughts From Afar

Simplify my thoughts, oh dear sleep
Untangle my worries & bring me closer
To your embrace, envelope me tight with your arms 

Make me stop counting sheeps
But allow me to meet your eyes

Until then, when I get to rest
Cover me with your blackness
For after a day's chase, I want to stop

But then, you won't let me
So now, I've got to ask
Will you marry me?

~macdeuz (lifted from my thoughts while in bed)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow White & the Polar Vortex

Your smell, teases me, to a greater bliss
as i moved, closer, to you and hear
your murmur, your breath takes away
my sorrows and obliterates my fears
for you are so addicting, removing,
my inhibitions, with your touch,
so gentle, that tickles, and assures me
that you are here, by my side.
Idle and beautifully handsome,
as nature describes it, that you,
are gorgeous, ravishing, radiating
with so much love

That i wish to fill in, further, deeper
until we reach, the highest, and the greatest
throes of passions, that no one has ever

And then, slowly, gracefully, i fell,
into slumber, and was awakened
by your kiss...
so gentle... it became, afterwards,
so passionate...
so passionate... that i never wanted
you to stop.

And then, we danced. And then we held
each other for a while.
Naked, undisturbed, 'twas as if
the stars are our audience
in the serenity of the waves...
below, the moonlit facade, of the blackness
of the earth.

-macdeuz (lifted from my thoughts, restless & true)

dedicated to you - my awesomeness!

Monday, January 27, 2014


Illumination; I am a candle
Brightly shining in the dark; weeping and restless
Containing the heat; enduring further the light
My wick seem to prove its purpose; eclipsing a diminish
As I radiate my light so earnestly; My body wears, ageing, melting
Light I give so profusely; Given freely with nothing in return
Welcoming the clear path; while my strength still lasts

~macdeuz (lifted from my OneNote)

Friday, January 03, 2014

If Walls (stranger, elusive you are)

I felt the tear drop
Telling me of the unsaid things
It's the un named sadness where sadness doesn’t belong,
Nor happiness can identify.
It's the grey thin line between the two
That neither can scope

I call not emptiness
Somewhere deeper, but not deep enough
I call not even boredom
Somewhere shallower but not close enough
I can't place it in words

It comes when everything is so still
It comes when the music of the past played

Suddenly bringing flashes of longing
But nowhere nor no one to long to

It's strange...

If only these walls can talk
They'd know what I'm telling you
But in words it can never paint the picture

Probably, sometime soon
It will come to me

Afterall, it's a journey to discover

~ macdeuz (lifted from my OneNote)

a dedication to someone beyond compare.