Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How To Set-Up Emergency Contact On Your Locked iPhone?

Imagine this: so you ran in to an emergency situation, the only point of reference they have is your phone/mobile - BUT it's locked! People cannot access your phonebook, and your wallet doesn't have the emergency contact information as well.

It's a dead end!!! Specially if you do frequent solo backpacking or most of the time, you're doing solo flight.

To come prepared, there's a (native) APP in iPhone that allows anyone to contact an emergency # even if the phone is locked. With smartphones being handy and serving as a daily tool nowadays - something you can't leave behind before going out of the house, it's best to tweak and take advantage of its safety uses.

To setup your iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Open Health App
2. Tap on Medical ID and create one.
3. There's a field to enter your Emergency Contact Information
4. Once all is setup, test it by locking your iPhone and tapping "emergency" on the lower left corner; then you'll see the *medical ID, tap it and it'll show your basic info in case of emergency.

I hoped you find this useful.

Till next time.

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