Sunday, May 19, 2024

Ang Kuya Namin sa Work - Starbucks Experience

Ang ultimate kuya ng Plaza E at Aeon building - Kuya Ruben.

Kuya Ruben is one of the members of our housekeeping services in the corporate company I work for during the night.

Magiliw siya at palabati, kaya madaling makapalagayang loob. Minsan nabanggit niya, "dipa ako naka experience magStarbucks".

"Simpleng request naman kuya" kako, kaya nung nagtugma sked namin, we went to Starbucks and guided him kung anong gusto nia orderin and explaining a bit kung ano ung frap vs iced vs hot drinks.

I wanted to post this because I wanna relive how his reaction was pagtuntong namin sa loob ng SB; I could feel the excitement and eagerness. While walking towards SB Northgate, abot-abot ang pasasalamat niya, in a happy and yet, sincere manner.

Iba talaga kapag nakakapagpasaya ka ng kapuwa mo; being the harbinger of compassion and kindness is profound.

I initiated to take a pic of him, which i forgot to share immediately. This happened back in December 2023 pa, almost  6 months na ang nakakalipas. Tagal na niya ako kinukulit to send the pic; all along, I thought one of my one-downs already shared the pics noong sinabi ko na, "pa-send to (SB picture) kay Kuya Ruben"; since we were'nt friends sa FB back then.

So when i bumped into kuya last week sa shift ko, he reminded me to send the pic. And the rest is history.

Salamat Kuya Ruben for making our workplace a better place to work for, everyday, by being the instrument of cleanliness and orderliness, always keep up your positivity and smiling with a service.


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