Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No bend her

All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions. 

Year 2010, alone i my room, trying to contemplate how to ensure the new words i encountered today will be carved in my neural network, so here am i, scribing these words of the English language - - hopefully it will help me to discern the world in a more clear manner.

Words I learnt today, gotta jot it down, review and publish.

DEPARTED, November 1 2010
(noun) someone who is no longer alive
(adj) former; well in the past; dead

GORY, November 2 2010
(adj) accompanied by bloodshed;
covered with blood

DIRE, November 3 2010
(adj fraught with extreme danger;
causing fear or dread or terror

SKITTISH, November 4 2010
(adj) unpredictably excitable, especially of horses

PELT, November 5 2010
(verb) cast, hurl or throw; attack and bombard with [like missiles]
(noun) the dressed hairy coat of a mammal; body covering of a living animal

FORTITUDE, November 6 2010
(noun) Strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage

FEIGN, November 7 2010
(verb) make believe with the intent to deceive; make pretense of


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