Friday, November 26, 2010

Red Sand cum Hidden Valley (2009)

What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well. 

(going back in the year 2009....)
Red Sand and Hidden Valley are just neighbors as once told by my friend Alfred. I took these photos via my lost N6500s and a Sony Cam from Bernard (i forgot the model) which left me awestruck as i've come face to face with Riyadh's most famous spot amongst Filipinos during Eid Holidays and cold seasons.

The sun was glaring at us but the breeze is one hell of an icy coldness. It's not what you think like the sands are doing a free float swooshing to the left and right; the sands were like tamed barrenness of the lost composition of epic war stories, leaving the eyes free of jagged particles of sand making the experience a delight.

This place vastly composes of an oceanic view of sands, that when you set off your both feet on its waves dissolves your footprints in an emulation of nothingness.

On top of the highest peak of the sand dunes shows off this innate magnificency of the arabian desert: arid land with no vegetation yet full of speaking character of nature.

Off we go to Hidden Valley...

It was a lifeless stature of rocks, with spattered cactus and desert shrubs, desolate and bleak on its visual aspect but magnanimous in imparting the astounding profoundness.

I have always been indulging with the sensation brought by being unto great heights. Awfully inlove esp when it comes to nature and earth trekking and mountain climbing and all. Yes! the pic above has appeased my hunger for true wide-eyed view of rocks, made me gasping to reach further for the peak, wanting more, climbing steeply to advance for a higher level; but in the end, this experience bequeathed me the courage to stay calm and focus as i descended slowly to the ground. I felt horrible,   filled with fear and apprehension in going down for i was alone (none of my friends dared to follow) when i went up, but for goodness sake, there are strangers and adventurers of my same page whom i clinged onto support and collective belongingness as i've moved downward on the slope.

This view is overlooking the exit of the Hidden Valley. It's time to go home and leave the footprints of time as the winds smoothly vanish them.


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