Friday, October 29, 2010

Mad World...

Don't be afraid to see what you see. 

Call me "senti" or whatever, but this song just sweepingly makes me realize the message of it. I've been humming this back in 2009 when my ex introduced me to the lyrics and melody, i sort of kinda appreciate it but the harmony of the song slowly faded in my memory. Currently at that time, it was revived by American Idol's Adam Lambert. I knew it beforehand that someone popularized the song back in the past, it has never occurred to me though who's the artist behind this hit, until just now...

If you listen intently, notice how he articulated the word "funny". There's a kind of a slight thwang on it, in contrast to Lambert's rendition.

As per the video, i just couldnt figure out the words (or are they really trying to form words?) being emphasize thru man made formation of the sorts. And then 'till now, it doesn't make sense to me what are they trying to do.

If you've got an idea, leave it on the comments.



  1. remember i asked you to listen to this song when we we're in SM North. I said this is one of my favorite song during that time. And you made me listen to your favorite song by Coldplay - Trouble


  2. sorry, twas not SM north but SM Manila hehehe... I've never been to SM North since college graduation...


  3. sm manila. tambayan nung nasa Quiapo Locale pa ako....