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Maging Listo at Buo ang Loob: Two Traits We Must Possess In These Last Days

April 6, 2024 Saturday | English Worship Service

As I was listening earlier in the preaching of Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, two phrases emerged with emphasis, these two phrases were repeatedly mentioned, not only as a statement, but being of a declarative form and being a command in nature.

1. Maging listo at

2. Buo ang loob.

The message is to use these two traits to ensure that the devil cannot gain victory no matter how small. It is our duty to always be on guard and not let the enemy sneak upon us - - because it is always prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.

Researching the meaning of "listo", it's akin to "mapagmatyag", smart, always on the lookout... dahil ang ahas ay tuso; gaya ng ginawa niyang pandaraya sa sinaunang tao-- Eba at Adan. Diba't alam nila ang utos ng Diyos? -- na puede silang kumain ng alinmang bunga ng puno sa halamanan ng Eden maliban lamang sa bunga ng isang puno sa gitna niyaon. And yet, despite their knowledge of the truth and God's command, Eve was deceived by Satan, she was hoodwinked (nabola) by casting doubt and creating an imaginary pleasurable aftermath if she eats the fruit, eventually entangling Adan by giving and letting him eat as well.

This encounter is truly simple in nature, in a quick snap, the husband and wife got devoured by the temptation and trick of the devil. Hence, the command -- "maging listo", we should be smart, quick to decipher that the enemy is playing tricks already against us; and we must be able to stop it, be steadfast to stand our ground and let God's commands and counsel emerge victorious. 

We must be always sober and be alert, for in this way, we get to ensure that there's no space for the enemy to lure us, tempt us, or cast doubt in our mind.

We must remember to fight for our faith... "makilabang may pagsusumikap, ipakipaglaban ang pananampalataya ng buong tapang at buo ang loob", because this is our "passes" in reaching the Holy Land. For if we fail and get defeated, it's the same as saying "here on earth, we are already experiencing sorrows, tribulations, and pain; do we allow further to experience the same in the next life to come?"

The choice if is yours to take.

Who doesn't want to be saved? It's a rhetorical question.


With abundance in love, Brother Eduardo repeatedly mentioned in his preaching how much he loves us. "Mahal ko Kayo", was said twice, thrice or even on the fourth time-- highlighting the need for us to do what is expected of us, in order reach and gain the greatest reward, a reward that cannot be measured because it's far beyond compare, that is-- to live in heaven for eternity.


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