Thursday, March 28, 2024

What Is A Top Notch Confidence Booster?


Hi there!, internet surfer... as you stumbled upon this page, take note that you are reading, and digesting the following thoughts from the perspective of someone who-- just like you, is also a human being -- with its own experiences, burdens and joys with this life's journey, someone who-- also, has its own share of highs and lows, its own fears, anxieties, comfort and positivity.

What matters right now, is you're being open minded to weigh-in these opinions, ready to cast your own intellectual decision making whether you'll act on these thoughts, or just leave it in your mind--which may soon be forgotten.

These are the times when most individuals are short spanned when consuming internet media. You may have observed, folks now are in to mindless scrolling through visual intake of reels, tiktok videos and the likes. Gone are the days when most people would indulge into reading articles or flexing their vocabulary muscles and reading comprehension. But, fret not! You are one of those few persons in this planet who chose to put their reading skills in action -- in fact you've come this far, and that's great! Because your attention span has not overcome you.

To answer the question in the title above -- what is a top-notch confidence booster?, it is the so-called "spritual drive". To define this phrase is best to give an example; remember a time in your life when uncertainty slowly seeping-in? Gradually, problems and trials arise, non-stop, seeming endless; but you assure yourself, no storm will last forever. And yet, the weight of enduring the tough times started to worry you, depression is kicking-in, you started losing hope, you started to doubt the solutions you're trying to implement because previous attempts kept on failing.

And yet, how come until now, you're still here? (reading and contemplating things.)

Because of your spiritual drive! You chose not to give up, because the tiniest sliver of hope is huge enough to reposition your compass, to re-boost your confidence and slowly climb out the ladder of darkness once and for all.

Your spiritual drive is your inner self comprising of your holistic experiences, compounded, molded, and tested, refined... until it became faith.

Whichever channels and historical etymology of how you nurtured your spiritual drive, congratulations to you! Each of us are unique, no perfect clone of our DNA, our footprints-- similar to thumbprints are unique as our own journey.

To cap off this write-up, don't let your spiritual drive spiral downward-- at times you'll be tested, at times you feel like giving-up again, but always call to your mind, and mostly to your heart, that the confidence is already within you, keep on taking care of it, growing it, enough to build a solid foundation--anchored with unwavering faith.


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